Quality Policy

Calstrip Industries is committed to elevating the quality of its products and services through a continuous process of ongoing improvement, whereby our customers remain competitive and we increase our production efficiencies. 

Elevating Quality of Products

  1. Limit the number of raw material suppliers, buying primarily from suppliers who we have personally qualified as producing the highest quality products available.
  2. Operate with standardized workmanship through written work instructions.
  3. Continue to refine elements of ISO 9001:2008.

Production Efficiencies

  1. Reduce lead times.
  2. Reduce customer complaints.
  3. Intensify operator training through regular weekly meetings.
  4. Improve quality planning through ADQP.
  5. Engage all employees through weekly quality meetings involving all managers.
  6. Continue the practice of ISO 9001:2008.

Increase Customer Competitive Advantage

  1. Provide competitive pricing and highest overall value.
  2. Increase volume through our facilities for better asset utilization.
  3. Work with our customers to reduce their cost of raw material through value engineering.

Continuous Ongoing Improvement

  1. Utilize all the above elements to continuously improve our operations.
  2. Intensify ongoing improvement through regular quality committee meetings.